Full Service Well, Pump and Filtration Systems

Where there is irrigation, there is water. Summer Rain can now help you access yours, efficiently and safely, via our well, pump and filtration division.

Our licensed and insured technicians, offer a full range of services to help you retrieve water, purify it and keep it flowing. Whatever your needs are, we can help.

Need to find water? We offer:

  • Well drilling for new and existing wells
  • Hydrofracturing of new and existing wells: this can increase the flow of water into a well

Need a new system? We can install or upgrade the following:

  • Well pumps: submersible (to push water to the surface) and jet pumps (to pull water to the surface)
  • Pumps for alternative water sources
  • Pressure tanks and storage tanks
  • Constant pressure systems
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It is a bit of a mystery somtimes, so here is a very basic idea of what a system can look like.

Water filtration systems for well or city water systems including:

  • Water softeners (to remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium)
  • Neutralizers (to make water less acidic and help prevent damage to plumbing and water-based appliances)
  • Radon units (to reduce radon in your water)
  • Supersystems, chlorination and dechlorination of systems (to handle even the toughest water)
  • Ultraviolet lights (to kill microorganisms in water without the use of chemicals)
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Water pressure issues? We have:

  • Booster systems for well and city water systems: These can increase the water pressure coming from your taps (indoor or out). They are especially helpful when trying to get water to upper levels of a home or building.
  • Variable speed constant pressure systems: These provide steady water pressure throughout your home while saving energy.

Need Maintenance?

We can service and maintain all of the above, for all your well or water filtration needs. We deliver all the required chemicals (such as chlorine, salt, potassium, etc.).

We offer water testing for chemicals, minerals, radon, arsenic, uranium and bacteria. We can also test your well's flow rate so we can provide you with all your water needs.

Ensure that you are getting the correct amount of water when you need it.

Call our Well and Pumps Manager, Steve Sporbeck, today.